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Update on Inspire and Azan magazines

Issue 12 of Inspire and Issue 5 of Azan are now out, so I’m updating the analysis of the language patterns in these two sequences of magazines.

To recap, both of these magazines are glossy and picture-heavy and intended primarily to encourage lone-wolf attacks by diaspora jihadists. It’s unclear how much impact they have actually had — several attackers have had copies, but so have many other non-attackers in the same environments. We have written a full analysis that can be downloaded from SSRN (here).

Here is the variation among issues for Inspire, based on the 1000 most-frequent words:


You can see that the first 8 issues, edited by Samir Khan, are quite similar to one another, except for Issues 3 and 7, which are different in tone (and quite similar to one another, although that isn’t obvious in this figure). The new issues, by unknown editors don’t resemble one another very much, but they do have an underlying consistency (they form almost a straight line) which argues for some underlying organization.

The other interesting figures are based on a model of the intensity of jihadi language. The figure shows the variation among issues of both magazines, with jihadi intensity increasing from right to left:


Overall, the jihadist intensity of Azan is lower than that of Inspire; but the most recent four issues of Inspire represent a departure: their levels are much, much greater than previous issues of Inspire and all of the issues of Azan. This is a worrying trend.