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European Intelligence and Security Informatics conference

The program is now available here and looks impressive (note also the associated Open Source Intelligence workshop in which one of my students has a paper about our work on interestingness).



I’m off on a round the Pacific trip, and won’t be able to post again until the last week of June.

If you happen to be in Sydney, I’ll be speaking:

  • On Wednesday June 4th at the University of Sydney about how to find anomalous regions in graph/relational data;
  • On Wednesday June 11th at the University of Technology on our work detecting deception in text;

I’m then heading to the Intelligence and Security Informatics conference in Taipei where I’ll be:

  • On a panel at the Pacific Asia Workshop on Intelligence and Security about the relationship between privacy and intelligence informatics;
  • Speaking about our work on deception detection in testimony;
  • Presenting results showing that many mainstream prediction and clustering technologies are relatively easily manipulated by an adversary who can get access (even very limited access) to the data.