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Notes from ASONAM 2013

I’m at Asonam in Niagara Falls. I have noticed a few macro changes from the same conference last year in Istanbul:

  1. There is almost no interest in any form of clustering or community detection. I think that this is the result not of solving the problem but realising that it isn’t a well-formed problem for social networks (regular readers will be aware of my thoughts about this);
  2. There is growing awareness that preferential attachment does not generate networks that look very realistic, except when you look at them from a long way off with your eyes half closed (and some hope that models like forest fire might be close to usable);
  3. There has been a significant amount of progress in understanding the language use of tweets despite the obvious issues of dialect/patois, short length, mistyping and, often, lack of mental engagement when writing. I thought there was very little hope for this, so I’m delighted to be proved wrong. There are starting to be useful results learned from tweet corpora.

The mixture of attendees is less diverse than last year in Istanbul, not just geographically but by “home discipline”, which isĀ  a pity.