Inspire and Azan magazines

I’ve been working (with Edna Reid) on understanding Inspire and Azan magazines from the perspective of their language use.

These two magazines are produced by islamists, aimed at Western audiences, and intended primarily to motivate lone-wolf attacks. Inspire comes out of AQAP, whereas Azan seems to have a Pakistan/Afghanistan base and to be targeted more at South Asians.

Both magazines have some inherent problems: it’s difficult to convince others to carry out actions that will get them killed or imprisoned using such a narrow channel and appealing only to mind and emotions. The evidence for the effectiveness of these magazines is quite weak — those (few) who have carried out lone-wolf attacks in the West have often been found to have read these magazines — but so have many others in their communities who didn’t carry out such attacks.

Regardless of effectiveness, looking at language usage gives us a way to reverse engineer what’s going on the minds of the writers and editors. For example, it’s clear that the first 8 issues of Inspire were produced by the same (two) people, but that issues 9-11 have been produced by three different people (but with some interesting underlying commonalities). It’s also clear that all of the issues of Azan so far are produced by one person (or perhaps a small group with a very similar mindset) despite the different names used as article authors.

Overall, Inspire lacks a strategic focus. Issues appear when some event in the outside world suggests a theme, and what gets covered, and how, varies quite substantially from issue to issue. Azan, on the other hand, has been tightly focused with a consistent message, and much more regular publication. Measures of infomative and imaginative language are also consistently higher for Azan than for Inspire.

The intensity of jihadist language in Inspire has been steadily increasing in recent issues. The level of deception has also been increasing, this latter surprising because previous studies have suggested that jihadi intensity tends to be correlated with low levels of deception. This may be a useful signal for intelligence organizations.

A draft of the paper about this is available on SSRN:

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