Automating microexpression detection

One of the weaknesses of microexpressions as a way to detect deception is that it requires substantial training to learn to recognize them, and even then might need high speed video and several playbacks (think the TV show Lie to Me). It is no surprise, therefore, that there has been a lot of work trying to recognize microexpressions automatically.

At the recent European Conference on Intelligence and Security Informatics, Senya Polikovsky, in his talk, claimed that his group had been able to do it (although this isn’t in the paper:  Polikovsky,  Quiros-Ramirez, Kameda, Ohta and Burgoon, Benchmark Driven Framework for Development of Emotion Sensing Support Systems which should be online quite soon). Admittedly, this is in a framework with a specific seat, specific lighting, and specific cameras and sensors, but this would still represent a significant advance. I got a brief chance to talk to him afterwards, and the approach he described seemed plausible, clever, and non-obvious.


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