Canadian election announced

The Governor-General dissolved parliament on Sunday last, and so Canada is heading for a federal election. Much to the bemusement of those in the U.S., the whole thing will be over by October 14th, long before the U.S. election.

I will, of course, be analysing (not analyzing) the speeches by the party leaders. The last Canadian federal election happened just as we were starting to use models of deception, so it will be interesting to compare our results now with then, to compare them to the results from the U.S. election, and perhaps make some progress in understanding whether the deception model transfers to French. The problem there is the existence of the pronoun on, which roughly corresponds to the now-archaic English pronoun one, but has a wider range of meaning, including places where English requires I — and that’s what complicates the deception model.

Stay tuned …


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